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We welcome you to visit Nunnala, which is a private playschool. ”Nunnala”, St. Lucy’s Catholic Sisters School for pre-schoolers began on September 3rd, 1962.
The pre-school offers, among other things:

  • a secure and accepting environment, in which children can grow in a balanced way
    communication arts
  • theater experience
  • pre-school training

Nunnala is situated in the center of Jyväskylä on Kalervonkatu. There are many very good places in the immediate vicinity for us to visit and therefore it is easy to take part in different cultural and sports events

Day-care places
42 daycare places for 3 to 6-year old children
whole day or part-time care
free pre-school training for six-year-olds (four hours per day)

Nunnala is open weekdays Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 16.30 (exceptional hours may be agreed upon with the Sisters)

Cost of Care
Our cost of care mainly follows the local day-care fees, depending on family income and small additional fees.

inquiries for a place in the school can be made the year around
official registering includes the completion of a form, which can be obtained at the school, or which can be downloaded from these pages. Day care places are filled in order of registration always when free places are available

The staff of the playschool is international and ecumenical. It includes Ursuline sisters, who are responsible for the direction of the school (Ursuline sisters are a monastic group dedicated to the education in many parts of the world)
Finnish kindergarten teachers
an English language teacher
a private piano teacher for those who wish lessons.

Auxiliary Board
The play school has a board of parents, who support the work of the school.

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